Early Years Foundation Stage

The EYFS framework is made up of 3 Prime Areas and 4 Specific Areas of learning. All areas are important and inter-connected and centre around the individual needs of each Unique Child.

The 3 Prime Areas

Communication and Language  

  • Listening, Attention and Understanding
  • SpeakingPersonal, Social and Emotional Development  
  • Self-Regulation
  • Managing Self
  • Building RelationshipsPhysical Development  
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Fine Motor Skills


The 4 Specific Areas                


  • Comprehension
  • Word Reading
  • WritingMathematics 
  • Number
  • Numerical PatternsUnderstanding the World  
  • Past and Present
  • People, Culture and Communities
  • The Natural WorldExpressive Arts and Design  
  • Creating with Materials
  • Being Imaginative and Expressive



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