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Our Curriculum Journey at Haslingden Primary School

At Haslingden Primary School we offer opportunities that go wider than the National Curriculum subjects. Our academic curriculum lays the foundations for pupil achievement at the end of each key stage and gives them the best start to their next phase of their life and their secondary education.

Sport has a high profile in the school with a dedicated sports team who go the extra mile to offer free sporting clubs, a wider variety of access to competitions and constantly promoting the benefits of health and fitness. All pupils undertake daily activity within their "Daily Mile".

We are proud of our strong musical traditions which start with our academic curriculum but extend well beyond this into performance, Brass Band, violin ensembles and our Year 6 Choir performing at the Manchester Arena.

Our wider curriculum builds individual character through our whole school values which link to our Learning Gems. Pupils have opportunities to contribute to our wider community. They visit local care homes, raise money for charity, operate a school council, plant trees and take part in local sporting groups and uniformed organisations, which we actively promote. We are exceptionally proud of our links with Outward Bound and the chances we give our pupils to build character and put themselves to the ultimate test in the hills of Snowdonia and Rossendale.

We are proud to have a group of children who are our team of equality ambassadors who are involved in school life and who work together to provide a strong pupil voice on how fair and diverse we are.

The ultimate aim of our school curriculum is to get pupils ready for the next step in their education and beyond. We do this through a rigorous academic curriculum, a wide range of enrichment activities and a golden thread of character development. All of this sees our children enter secondary education "on the front foot", ready to engage and make a difference.

Picture: Year 6 residential trip to Aberdovey, the view from the dining room.


In our Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) at Haslingden Primary School we provide children with a kaleidoscope of opportunities that allow children to explore and experience the exiting world around them. Visits within the vibrant local community - local churches, mosques, theatres, parks, libraries and farms, alongside regularly visitors to school, further enhance children’s learning experiences and brings learning to life!

Our experienced EYFS team carefully plan and deliver meaningful learning environments based on children’s interests, providing a learning platform that supports children to develop strong foundations in their learning. In EYFS we support children to become motivated and curious learners, who engage positively with the world all around them. Through this rigorous commitment children leave our EYFS with the skills, learning behaviours and attitude to succeed in the next steps in their learning journey.

Picture: Children in EYFS exploring and enjoying their mud kitchen.


Our Year One curriculum is one that nurtures children as they make the important transition from the Early Years curriculum to the beginning of the National Curriculum in Year One. We know they need to be ready for their next steps and we support them to do this by teaching them our “Learning Gems”  which are weaved through everything we do.

We have a passion for reading and we have carefully chosen our key texts to engage and excite children. The children will receive expert teaching because the RWI Phonics scheme is well established in our school. We know where every child is on their reading journey, and what their next steps are. Children are challenged to continuously progress through the phonics scheme so that they can read independently. This will unlock the doors to the wider curriculum and the world beyond. We value our local library and take the children regularly, encouraging them to become members and find out more about the world through their reading. Superheroes in stories are one of our themes. We celebrate superheroes in the real world and celebrate the work they do in a themed day where we all dress up and become “heroes without a cape”.

Children are immersed in their curriculum through a hands on approach where we make abstract concepts concrete for our young learners. At this age, we know that children need to explore the world in practical and real ways to support their learning.

Our fabulous outdoor space means that our children can safely explore and be encouraged to be physically active. We visit local parks as part of our Science and Geography learning, and ensure children know how to safely move around the community.

Our team is well established and has a strong understanding of early child development and how to support children to be emotionally well regulated. We know that children are learning and growing and at the start of a long journey. We work closely and supportively with all of our parents and carers to provide children with a warm, supportive environment to enable them to grow and learn.

Picture: Year 1 children working together on a science experiment in class.


At Haslingden Primary School in Year 2 we offer opportunities for all children that promote their independence and individuality.  The Year 2 team get to know the children through encouraging their interests through reading to an adult, ‘Show and Tell’, PSHE and RE lessons. Children are given opportunities to learn from each other and their own experiences. Our curriculum is focused on experience-based learning bringing learning to life. With a focus on developing well rounded children, their character is developed through exploring emotional wellbeing in stories and their creativity is celebrated in puppets, masks, pizza making and art from around the world. Children develop their sense of identity within their local community through exploring local history including visiting places in our local community and welcoming career inspiring visitors to speak to our children. We bring history to life with theme days, educational visits and use of hands on artefacts. In Year 2, every child has an opportunity to perform in front of an audience and develop oracy skills using their emerald power (courage and resilience) in a fun and supported way. Children’s reading is developed where fluency and word reading are built upon and children move onto really understanding what they are reading and ultimately become proficient readers with a love of reading and an understanding of a range of different texts. Children choose their own reading books, find out that they can have opinions about these books, enjoy using our school library and also visiting our wonderful Haslingden Library. Children enjoy using different equipment to develop their maths skills and knowledge and develop a love of new symbols and vocabulary. Independence is developed and nurtured in Year 2 where we often say we will hold a hand at first then gently let go and watch children achieve. Nothing gives our teaching staff greater pride than seeing children  leave Year 2 ready to take on the world of Key Stage 2.

Picture: Year 2 enjoying a visit to Haslingden Library.


Year 3 is the year that transitions children from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2. Our dedicated team encourage the children to develop independence and rise to challenges to extend their learning, catering for all abilities. The children are given many opportunities to use the reading, writing and maths skills they have previously established in Key Stage 1, developing fluency and application of knowledge. In Year 3, the children are provided with many practical opportunities to promote a love of learning which goes beyond academic success. History is brought alive during a Stone Age Day which is interactive, informative and fun. There are many musical opportunities including singing, playing the glockenspiel and learning the recorder for the first time! Year 3 welcomes many visitors to embed learning further. These include a local artist who provides a hands-on printing experience, sharing his knowledge and skills. A local visiting theatre company performs a puppet show linked to our Science unit about Light and Shadow, which leads to a workshop where the children gain the confidence to perform their own creative piece. The children participate in a Design Technology project to design and make their own healthy sandwiches and enjoy eating them in a Teddy Bear’s picnic. We promote the use of our wider community to extend learning. Throughout the year, the children visit the local park and public library.  In Year 3 the children gain the first opportunity to learn Spanish through songs and games. Learning is carefully planned to allow children to make their links between all subjects, including home learning. Our experienced  Year 3 team give children the skills and knowledge to flourish and thrive as it is their stepping stone into the upper part of their educational journey through Haslingden Primary School.

Picture: Year 3 children experiencing life in the stone age.


 Welcome to Year Four, where learning comes alive! Our vibrant curriculum is designed to ignite curiosity, foster creativity, and inspire a lifelong love for learning. Let's take a glimpse into the incredible journey Year 4 children embark on.  We are committed to nurturing the academic, social, and emotional growth of every child. With a well though-out curriculum, dedicated teachers and enriching experiences, Year 4 is a place where children thrive, explore, and discover their full potential.

Embark on a historical adventure as children step back and immerse themselves in the fascinating world of ancient Rome. From constructing Roman roads to learning about daily life in the Roman Empire, our children enjoy an unforgettable journey through history.  Learning extends beyond the classroom with exciting trips, such as a visit to Ribchester, where children immerse themselves in Roman history first hand. These enriching experiences deepen their understanding and spark their curiosity.  Journeying through the late 1930s and early 1940s, history comes alive as children delve into the tumultuous era of World War II. Through immersive experiences like our evacuee day, children gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by those who lived through this pivotal moment in history.

Every day, our enthusiastic teachers ignite a passion for reading by captivating children with a variety of high quality, enthralling stories. Through daily read-aloud sessions, children develop strong literacy skills and a lifelong love for literature.  In Year Four, children delve into the electrifying world of science as they unravel the mysteries of electricity amongst other exciting topics. From conducting experiments to understanding circuits, our budding scientists are empowered to explore and experiment in a safe and stimulating environment. Year 4 children broaden their horizons by learning Spanish, embracing new languages, and cultures. Through interactive lessons and cultural activities, they develop a global perspective and appreciation for diversity.

In Year Four, we believe in equipping our children with essential life skills. For that reason, swimming lessons are a core part of our curriculum, ensuring that every child has the confidence and ability to stay safe in and around water.  From trumpets to trombones, our children discover the joy of making music through brass instrument lessons. Whether they're performing in assemblies or practicing in class, music enriches their lives and cultivates a sense of teamwork and discipline.

Picture: Our Year 4 children learning in class.


Growing up is an adventure. In Year 5, we are dedicated to instilling a sense of adventure in our children by integrating local history into immersive and engaging trips, fostering a deep connection with our community's past. Walking trips to the Halo, Ogden River and Helmshore Textile Museum linked with our History and Geography topics allow us to develop a strong sense of self and belonging. Through our exciting Science curriculum, including topics on Forces (firing catapults), Space (modelling solar systems) and chemical reactions (launching rockets), we aim to develop independence in each child, whilst encouraging them to think critically and work as part of a team.

We are committed to nurturing both the body and mind of our children. Our PSHE curriculum includes comprehensive lessons on the physical and mental aspects of growing up, preparing them for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.  As children embark on their Year 5 journey, we lay the groundwork for a successful transition into the final year of primary school, equipping them with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed for continued success in their academic and personal pursuits.

We have a well-established team who have a diverse skill set, including developing a love of reading and building teamwork and leadership when using our school climbing wall.

Also, Year 5 is the only year group to be invaded by a Viking!
Picture: Year 5 on a field trip to the local 'Halo' surveying the hills of Rossendale.


Building upon the solid learning blocks of Key Stage 1 and the rest of Key Stage 2, Year 6 offers a broad range of opportunities that give unforgettable life experiences and prepare our children for the future, both in and out of education. During the Autumn Term, our children have the chance to become the very best version of themselves that they can be, through a week-long residential in the Dyfi estuary in west Wales.  The skills and experiences gained in this week are returned to the classroom and allow children to take risks, develop resilience using ‘bouncebackability’ and thrive through suitably-high expectations.

The key elements of fluency and mastery are highlighted through the challenging, yet rewarding, Year 6 learning journey. Our motto of ‘work hard, play hard’ encourages children to become high-school ready, over the course of an enjoyable year. We have well-established, strong links with local high schools, through which our children have multiple and wide-ranging opportunities: as well as taster days for secondary school, we partake in baking healthy muffins, designing, manufacturing and evaluating acrylic keyrings.

We are trying to create role models in society and are proud of the young adults our children become. There are many occasions for children to become leaders, where they can apply to represent their class in the school council, as an equality and diversity or music ambassador, as an anti-bullying representative, to be a play leader, and also to become their Space Race team captain.  Creating forward-thinking learners, who are working more independently by the end of the school year, helps us to ensure that teachers begin ‘to make themselves progressively unnecessary’ as children flourish in their progress.

We have numerous exciting opportunities to enhance our year, beyond the National Curriculum: we celebrate our historical learning through a dress-up Tudor Day; magistrates and police work alongside our children to discuss safety, laws, the judicial system and conduct a mock trial, in which they decide the defendant’s fate; we also are visited by Which? recommended internet service provider Zen Internet, who develop the coding experience offered by our school into the world of moving technology.

Dreams really do come true when we give all children the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become the stars of the show at the Manchester Arena, as part of the Young Voices choir. Thousands of children, from schools across the region, combine to perform songs from different cultures and backgrounds, using British Sign Language and dance routines - alongside professional and multi-award selling artists!

Upon completing their final year here, our Year 6 young people are more than ready to embrace their next steps in education and – most importantly – in life.  As our children graduate, our school community joins to celebrate through their leavers’ assembly, during which each child recalls their ‘golden moment’, a lasting memory from their time at Haslingden Primary School.  The variety of recollections offered shows, clearly, that their Year 6 experience helps create ever-lasting memories and inspires them to become the best that they can be.

Picture: Year 6 trip to Outward Bound, Aberdovey, resting by the beach.

Physical Education and Sport at Haslingden Primary School

Physical Education (PE) at Haslingden Primary School gives every child a chance to shine. The curriculum and opportunities provided go beyond the national curriculum. The development of a child’s character is a golden thread through PE where six key character values are taught, encouraged and reinforced. The curriculum is delivered by specialist teachers who have undertaken extensive professional development and accreditation in primary physical education. The school has excellent facilities that further enhance the quality of delivery and opportunity. The children at our school have an equality of opportunity to perform and compete in both intra-school and inter-school competition. The voices of our children have had a significant impact on shaping and developing our provision. Strong community links mean lots of children take up opportunities to participate and volunteer in sporting clubs in Haslingden and beyond. Children leave our school ready to take advantage of the many sporting opportunities offered to them in their next chapter of their life.