Haslingden Primary School

School Governors

Please find below details on our parent governor election, school governing body and information about our experienced group of governors.

Governing Body:

Every school has a governing body consisting of a specific number of governors. Generally, governors fall within the following categories:

  • Parent Governors
  • Staff Governors
  • Authority Governors
  • Co-opted Governors
  • Foundation, Partnership and Sponsor Governors

The day to day management of the school is the responsibility of the headteacher. The Governing Body provides strategic management while supporting the work of the headteacher and school staff.

There are three types of formal meetings that Governors attend. Firstly, the meeting of the Full Governing Body. The next two meetings are both committee meetings. These are called ‘Resources’ and ‘Standards and Effectiveness (SEC)’. The Resources Committee meetings look at matters such as the building, finances, staffing and resources. The SEC Committee meeting looks at the curriculum, standards, teaching and pupil welfare.

Our current governors and freely available documents related to meetings are all listed below.





Name: Mr G Ellis

Type of Governor: Headteacher (September 2014)

My name is Glyn Ellis and I am Headteacher at Haslingden Primary School. I was appointed Headteacher on the 1 September 2014 having previously been the Deputy Headteacher at the school since January 2006.

As Headteacher of the school, I have the great responsibility of ensuring firstly that every child and adult in the school is safe. I take full responsibility for ensuring that the ethos and culture within the school promote the highest of expectations for every child and gives them the best possible outcomes. Previously, I was Acting Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher at the Millennium Primary School in Greenwich, London. Before that, I started my teaching career in Stoke-on-Trent having trained at Keele University, Staffordshire. I have had previous experience of working in the outdoor pursuit industry across the UK and in Europe teaching rock climbing, kayaking and other outdoor pursuits. Through these roles, I also gained a wide experience of working with children, young people and adults with additional and special needs.

Name: Mr C Paxton

Type of Governor: Chair of Governors / Parent Governor  (April 2018)

My name is Chris Paxton and I became a Parent Governor at Haslingden Primary School in 2018 to help make a contribution to both the school and the local community. My son started at Haslingden Primary School in 2017 and it soon became apparent how much the staff and management team at the school care about helping develop the pupils in their care. I look forward to working closely with fellow Governors and staff at the school to enable Haslingden Primary School to become the best it can be and as a Senior Manager in Royal Mail Group, I feel I am well positioned to do so.

Name: Mrs S Beirne

Type of Governor: Vice-Chair of Governors / Co-opted Governor (May 2015)

I have been a governor at HPS for 31 years! I first became a parent governor when my eldest child was in reception and then when my 3 children had left, I was co-opted to continue my involvement. I do think it is a great feeling to know that you are involved in the education process for not only your own children, but for all children attending our school. There was a wonderful celebration of the school’s history this summer when 100 years were marked with several events in school. As a governor, I have helped appoint at least 3 head teachers and 4 deputy heads along with many teachers and support staff. I must have attended hundreds of meetings and discussed many changes to the school over the years. I was a member of the school’s parent-teacher association and took part in many fundraising events such as collecting newspapers for recycling and running a scheme called the 400 club where parents sent in money weekly and a lucky winner took the prize each week.

Since joining the governors I have returned to work in secondary education and have recently given up my post to spend more time with my grandchildren who are aged 6, 2 and a half and 6 months. I currently carry out some casual work within the school to support the SEN department during staff maternity leave absence. I continue to applaud the work of the school and value the hard-working staff very much.


Name: Mr M Haworth 

Type of Governor: Chair of Resources / Co-opted Governor (January 2018)

I have been a governor at HPS for over 12 years. I first became a parent governor when my youngest child was at the school, I have since been co-opted to continue my involvement. Having been involved in the governing body for many years I have been able to bring experience from my working life in relation to policies, procedure and performance management.  I have worked in the Further Education Sector for many years both as a Senior Manager and Consultant and I believe success in education starts with a good primary foundation.


Name: Mr J Gelder

Type of Governor: Staff Governor (March 2023)

My name is Jake Gelder and I am a teacher at Haslingden Primary School (HPS). I am a proud dad to two girls. My eldest daughter is 13 and my youngest is 7. We have two dogs, Dudley who is a Labrador and Piper who is a Coker Spaniel. We also have a cat and seven chickens.

My journey at HPS began as a student teacher in 2017, I have been here ever since. In 2018, I was appointed to my first teaching post. I am now in my fifth year as a teacher. I didn’t follow the usually pathway to becoming a primary school teacher. I have worked as a ‘Sandwich Artist’, labourer, stack tester, electronics technician and a solider. It was my time in the British Army that lead to studying at Brighton University and obtaining Qualified Teacher Status.

I have a keen interest in sport and fitness. I am a huge fan of football, martial arts and weight lifting. My favourite thing to do in my spare time is to lift weights at my local gym. My love of sport has led to leading Physical Education at HPS. I also lead Religious Education.


Name: Mr H Gul

Type of Governor: Co-opted Governor (March 2018)

My name is Haleem Gul
Parent Governor for past 12-16 months.
I became a governor because I want to contribute towards shaping the future of our children’s lives and providing them with the best educational opportunities. HCP is already a thriving school and I would like to help that continue into the future. I enjoy being a father to my two daughters and son and have met many wonderful parents/teachers at the school. My wife also works as a teaching assistant within the school. I feel that it is very important that the stakeholders in the school have a say in its future and I can help make it happen.

Professional Experience
A telecommunications professional working within a senior technical management post at Gamma Communications, responsible for the delivery/support of complex data/voice network solutions into medium to large corporate organisations which include AXA insurance, various NHS Trusts, retail chains such as Pret A Manger and more recently the likes of Barclays and Taylor Wimpey.

Oversee all regulatory requirements and network governance which include capacity and change management forums. Supplier management is key within my role working with all major carriers within UK which include BT/Vodafone/Colt. Responsible for around 60 staff members within the operations team at Gamma.



Name: Mrs Rachel Robertson

Type of Governor: Co-opted Governor (June 2018)

Hi my name is Rachel Robertson, I have 3 children, 2 who currently attend Haslingden Primary and hopefully the 3rd will in due course. I am a qualified paediatric nurse with a background in neonatal intensive care. I currently work for the school nursing team in Blackburn 3 days a week. I have an interest in child and adolescent mental health and intend to complete further study in this area when my youngest child starts school. I believe my professional experience, and my experience as a Mother of 3, will enable me to positively support the school, as school continues to identify and support the varying needs of the children and families in our school community.

Name: Mr Michael Edmondson

Type of Governor: Chair of SEC / Local Authority Governor (June 2018)

My name is Mike Edmondson and I have been a governor at HPS since 2018.

I have been a secondary teacher since 2003, and a Head of Department in a local secondary school since we moved to Haslingden in 2016. I have long held a professional interest in primary education, particularly the transition from Y6 to Y7, but became interested in the role of governor at HPS after seeing the positive impacts that being part of the HPS family had on my own children. I am proud to be able to support the continued development of HPS as a governor, where I hope to gain further insight into the decision making which takes place in a successful school whilst offering my advice as both a parent of children at the school and as an experienced teacher.

Name: Salma Khan 

Type of Governor: Foundation Governor (March 2021)

I have always had the utmost respect and open communication with HPS having been a member of the school community since 2014. I have 3 children who have all had the pleasure of attending HPS with my youngest child currently in year 1 and thriving.

From a parental perspective, the school went over and beyond for my child who had SEN needs and this formed the foundation of a wonderfully trustworthy relationship with HPS. I have had many roles within the school as a volunteer, teaching assistant and office admin cover. I have seen first hand how hard each and every member works to fulfil each individuals potential, prioritise safeguarding and create the nurturing environment required for children to flourish.

As governor I am committed to ensuring high aspirations for all pupils who attend, a clarity of vision regarding the ethos and values the school stands for and a strategic direction to promote high-quality educational outcomes which will form the crux of shaping the future of the generation to come.



Name: Sabiha Khan 

Type of Governor: Foundation Governor (March 2021)

My desire to become Governor comprised of two reasons: Firstly, to be involved in the decision-making process which directly impacts the opportunities, outcomes and behaviours of children who are our future;  and secondly, I saw an opportunity to develop myself personally and professionally, which I feel is a necessity in life. My connection with HPS began in childhood; around 1984 when I moved from the outskirts to the heart of Haslingden and enrolled as a pupil at the school. My memories of the school are one of a caring, nurturing and stimulating environment and I endeavour to continue this ethos as Governor. My association with the school has continued as a parent as I have watched my children pass through the school and develop as autonomous, individual learners who have thoroughly enjoyed their time at HPS. My youngest is currently in year 3, and I believe that she is in an environment that has not only developed her confidence but also her resilience. It is my goal to ensure that all children at HPS have the amazing experience that I myself and my children have enjoyed. Over the years, I have watched the school grow from strength to strength not only in leadership but also in a lasting impact on each individual as they are prepared to transition into secondary education and adulthood. As Governor I would like to ensure that this approach continues as the children we are nurturing are the future of our country.

I have worked in education for over twenty years and I am looking forward to witnessing the impact of the governing body on the experience, behaviour and future progress of each individual.  

I can offer input from a variety of angles which include: parental engagement and liaison, closing the gap where individuals are struggling or have fallen behind,  assessing pupil progress, tailoring targeted support where required and community issues. I feel privileged to join the governing body at school where children really do “learn skills for life that they can develop through high school and take into adulthood.” I look forward to embarking on this journey with you all.

Name: Daniel Astley

Type of Governor: Parent Governor (March 2021)

My name is Daniel Astley and I am a parent governor, I chose to join the governor body to help be a part of my local community and help Haslingden Primary be the best place to learn for our local community. I have two children at the school and they both love being a part of the school family and I’d like to contribute to that family myself.

I am a qualified financial adviser with expertise in Pensions, Investments, Insurance and Mortgages helping people across most ages and demographics, which will lend itself well to budget matters and the role in general.

I’m looking forward to giving something back to the school that has already given so much to my children.


Name: Lindsay Britton

Type of Governor: Co-opted Governor (March 2021)

My name is Lindsay Britton.

I recently joined the School Governing Body having seen, firstly, my oldest grandson thrive at HPS, before moving on to secondary education, and now my two younger grandchildren, also thrive at HPS. Having shared in their experience of the school thus far, I would like to contribute to continued success. The ethos of the school, which gives not just an excellent education, but a caring, nurturing environment, is one to be cherished and developed for many more children to enjoy.

I spent all my working life in the education central finance department of a Local Authority, and therefore I hope that my relevant experience will enable me to make a worthwhile contribution to the Governing Body.

Name: Harry Lord

Type of Governor: Co-opted Governor (November 2021)

My name is Harry Lord and this is my first role as a governor at any school. I am a secondary school teacher, working at Haslingden High School where I teach chemistry for students aged 11-18. As part of my role within school I am also a Head of Year, currently with Year 8. Whilst working at Haslingden High School, the role of transition from Primary to Secondary school has become more prominent than ever and I feel passionate about offering my expertise from secondary in helping to shape transition from Haslingden Primary School to local secondary schools.


Name: Abigail Thompson

Type of Governor: Co-opted Governor (April 2022)

My name is Abigail Thompson and I have recently joined as a governor at HPS.

I have been involved with HPS since we moved to Rossendale and my eldest daughter started in reception, in 2012.  I currently have another daughter attending, in year 5, and although she will soon be moving on to secondary school, I want to continue to support the development of HPS as a governor. My two daughters have thrived at HPS and I want to see other children contnue to do the same.

My early career was as an ecologist / marine biologist, but although I loved my job,  I wanted to work more with people. I qualified as a secondary Geography teacher in 2018, and worked in local secondary schools for a couple of years. However, I have recently left the profession to set up my own local business, Abigail’s Trails, providing guided walks and navigation training. I am hoping that my experience as an ecologist,  teacher and outdoor instructor will be useful in providing advice and enhancing the already fantastic provision at HPS. I will be offering my advice as both a parent of children at the school and as a local business owner / member of our local community.

Name: Rebekah Whittaker

Type of Governor: Parent Governor (April 2022)

I have been involved with Haslingden Primary School since 2019 when my eldest daughter became a pupil here. During that time I have developed a great deal of respect and gratitude for the school. The fact that my daughter is thriving in her education despite starting her school career just before the COVID-19 pandemic speaks volumes, and I’m thrilled that my youngest will be starting at the school in 2022 also.

As a leadership coach, my job is to be curious and to help people maximise their potential. This is the approach I will be taking as a parent governor; to ensure that the potential of the pupils, staff and school community as a whole are maximised. I look forward to learning more about the way in which the school runs, and supporting the school as they prepare our young people for success.

I’m a current student of Organisational Transactional Analysis which means I have a keen interest in the psychology of organisations, in particular the way that they communicate both internally and externally in the communities that they operate in. I also bring with me 15 years of experience working as an engineer within the construction industry where I led a number of teams and projects to success, sometimes in very challenging circumstances.

Former Governors

Name: Samara Barnes

Type of Governor: Foundation Governor (April 2022 – September 2023)

I am a brand new governor to Haslingden Primary Schools but I have been connected with the school and the community for a long time.

My eldest daughter is a former student and my youngest daughter is due to start this September so I know first-hand what a difference this school makes to children’s lives.

I am a local and county councillor and feel extremely proud that Haslingden Primary School sits within my County Division. I am the Young Person’s champion for Rossendale Borough Council and I am Shadow Cabinet member for Children and Families at Lancashire County Council.

In my ‘day job’, I work for a national children’s charity and have a wealth of experience in safeguarding, children’s mental health, working with care experienced young people and their families.

I have a special interest in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. I am the Chair of Barnardo’s National Women’s network and sit on their Corporate EDI board. I am also involved in other charity work where I mentor young women on leadership programmes and work to support underrepresented groups get in politics.

I hope that my understanding of the local community, coupled with my passion for delivering better outcomes for young people will underpin my work as a governor at the school.

Name: Mrs N McMahon Staff Governor (February 2016 – March 2023)

My name is Natalie McMahon and I am the School Business Manager at Haslingden Primary School and a mum to two young boys.

My connection with the school started back in 1990 when I started in the Reception class as a child. I have seen many changes in this time and have witnessed the school go from strength to strength. I first started working at Haslingden Primary School in 2005 as a Teaching Assistant and became a governor for the school in 2008. On completion of a foundation teaching degree I became a Higher Level Teaching Assistant providing specialist speech and language therapy support throughout school and teaching classes. I went on to work as the Extended Services Manager in school setting up and managing the out of school care provision. As the School Business Manager, I am part of the Senior Leadership Team and based within the main school office. I am also a lead for safeguarding within the school.

Tim Hildred, Parent Governor (March 2018 to January 2021)


Mr T Starkey, Chair of Governors / Co-opted Governor (May 2015 to July 2021)

My name is Tim Starkey.  I have been a parent governor since I moved to Haslingden in January 2012. I became a governor to integrate myself into the community of which the school is such an important part.

I have worked in the NHS for several years. One of my past roles was to ensure medical staff took on board the views of parent and their families. Knowing how to challenge attitudes and present the views of service users has been critical in being a governor. I can be contacted via the school office or email bursar@haslingden-pri.lancs.sch.uk

Name: Mrs Karen Kirkham (formerly Aliouane) Foundation Governor (June 2018 to August 2021)

have three children, two of whom are still at HPS and one that left last year to attend HHS.  I wanted to be a part of the school Governors as I have seen first-hand how much support is given to the pupils of the school and I wanted to be able to support and give something back to the school and the community they serve.

I am a primary school teacher myself and the Special Educational Needs Coordinator at a primary school in Blackburn.  As a senior manager and teacher for over 16 years, I know what is expected of schools and what they need to do in order to continue making good progress.  My expertise of working in a variety of primary schools will enable me to help the school bring continued educational opportunities to our children whilst at the same time provide support for staff and other parents.  I am looking forward to the challenge of being a governor and to be able to contribute to the future success of Haslingden Primary School.


Name: Mrs H Gibson Type of Governor: Co-opted Governor (March 2018 – September 2021)

My name is Helen Gibson. I joined the School Governors as a Parent Governor in 2013 after having seen the fantastic progress my daughter had made since becoming a pupil at HPS. I wanted to try and give something back as a thank you for all the effort put into my daughter’s education. Originally from Yorkshire, I’ve lived in Rossendale for nearly 15 years. I’m a qualified Accountant working in corporate finance.


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