Haslingden Primary School

Admission Information

Please find at the bottom of the page a copy of our admissions arrangements, explaining how we consider applications.


This includes information on:

  • The arrangements we have in place for selecting the pupils who apply.
  • Our oversubscription criteria, for when there are more applicants than places.
  • The guidelines parents need to follow when applying for their child to attend our school.


Important Information: From the 1st March 2017, the Governing Body of the school agreed to change the admission number for each year group in the school to 60 from the old number of 80. This does not affect children who are currently on roll. This will put the school in a far greater position of strength for the planning of finance and teaching as it will allow a far greater degree of predictability in these areas. This decision has been scrutinised and supported by Officers at Lancashire County Council.



2023 2024 Admission Policy.pdfData Collection Sheet / Application Form.pdf

2024 2025 Admission Policy.pdf

2025 2026 Admission Policy.pdf